Milan, portrait of a city_Silvana Editorale 2020

Milan, portrait of a city_Silvana Editorale 2020

Milan, portrait of a city

The cultural landscape


curated by Rita Capurro, Giampaolo Nuvolati


The volume collects six portraits of Milan with contributions that trace, from different points of view, features of its cultural landscape. Historical, architectural, sociological, artistic and urbanistic hints inviting the reader to take on the role of the modern flâneur, lingering in the slow exploration of the city, investigating the soul of the places, immersing themselves in it.

A tale bordering between official and informal narration, accompanied by images that draw on different visual languages ​​and which in turn make up a kaleidoscopic portrait of Milan.


For the book Jacopo Ascari creates 10 original illustrations, including the cover, aimed at refuting conformation and urban planning processes, both current and future.

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