Tintoretto 2020. Atelier Ascari FW20

Tintoretto 2020. Atelier Ascari FW20

Atelier Ascari FW 19-20

Tintoretto 2020: Icons Never Go Out Of Style

Womenswear Capsule Collection


Who would the Dogaressa be today, in a complex, broken, difficult to read and worthless contemporaneity?


The collection is based on 5 ICONS of CONTEMPORANEITY and is dedicated to Donatella Versace.

The collection dresses a militant, remarkable woman who is not afraid to choose a troublesome battle.

A woman who fights for the environment, for LGBT rights, for civil and refugees rights.

A woman who fights against every barrier, fear and ignorance.

A star, with an extraordinary and complex personality. A woman who raises her voice and states what she thinks.

A feminist and proud woman, capable of enduring her mistakes and pains openly, without losing any dignity.

The collection is based on a few simple lines that we keep finding throughout.


1) Power Dressing and geometric shoulders

Coats, trench coats and knitwear feature oversized shoulders and geometric cuts, a direct legacy of “Power Dressing”.


2) The narrow waist and the sinuosity of the 1950s

Direct legacy of the bodice effect, the sinuosity and incredible elegance of a  woman from the Fifties’ who lived through history. A proud sign of pure femininity and seduction.


3) Prints!

Everything is printed, everything is graphic, every bit of fabric tells a story, it is a poster, it is a statement.


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